IT & ITES Sector

IT&ITES Industry

The IT&ITeS industry in has today become a growth engine for the economy, contributing substantially to increases in the GDP, urban employment and exports, to achieve the vision of a powerful and resilient .

firms, across all other sectors, largely depend on the IT & ITeS service providers to make their business processes efficient and streamlined.manufacturing sector has the highest IT spending followed by automotive, chemicals and consumer products industries.

Globalisation has a profound impact in shaping the IT industry over the years with capturing a sizeable chunk of the global market for technology sourcing and business services.

Over the years the growth drivers for this sector have been the verticals of manufacturing, telecommunication, insurance, banking, finance and of late the fledgling retail revolution.

As the new scenario unfolds it is getting clear that the future growth of IT and ITeS will be fuelled by the verticals of climate change, mobile applications, healthcare, energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Traditional business strongholds would make way for new geographies, there would be new customers and more and more of SMEs will go for IT application and services.

  • Information technology is playing an important role in today & has transformed image as a land of innovative entrepreneurs.
  • The IT sector in is generating 2.5 million direct employment. is now one of the biggest IT capitals of the modern world and all the major players in the world IT sector are present in the country.
  • It is estimated that the IT industry would grow to about $300 billion by 2020, with software services and e-commerce leading the race.
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    Substitution of IT & ITES services and products

    IT continues to be a driving force towards all aspects connected with our lives. While a particular technology may become obsolete and a particular company specializing in it may suffer, the obsolete technology can only get substituted by a newer technology offered by the same/different player in the IT/ITES industry.

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    IT Competition

    Competition is global in nature and stretches across boundaries and geographies. It is expected to intensify due to the attempted replication of the Indian offshoring model by MNC IT majors as well as small startups.